Thursday, June 11, 2009

Two GREAT workouts

Today and yesterday: good solid mid to long distance freestyle. And boy did I need it. It's been a stressful few days, culminating yesterday with real live hate mail in my physical mailbox that claimed my writing is mean-spirited and an egregious display of bragging about my children (at least they didn't mention swimming - THAT would have made me upset). It was anonymous of course, but signed "Tired of Mean People". It made me feel sick and dirty to get it - no one likes to be told that they are making others feel bad, and I'm shocked to hear that I have, though I know that is the danger of this blogging thing. Yuck. I would also like to say to the author of that letter though that I, too, am tired of mean people. What I do with mean people is, I swim them out of my system:


*warmup: 400 free, 4 x 75's free descending

add paddles for:
*2 x 100's then a 500 free
*2 x 100's then a 400 free
*2 x 100's then a 300 free
*4 x 200's free with descending interval


*warmup: oops, can't remember. something like today's warmup :)

*5 x 400's with varying focus:
100 fast, rest smooth
25 fast, 75 smooth repeating
50 fast, 50 smooth repeating
last 200 fast
whole 400 fast, med or easy depending on what you've got "in the tank"


Karen said...


Thanks for blogging about our team. I like reading it before noon workout so I can prepare for what we are going to do that day, plus your writing is entertaining. Please ignore any cowardly hatemail.

--Karen P., noon lane 2

Ann said...

Well, nuts to the kooks out there, Sarah!
I enjoy reading your blog and getting a different perspective on our MM workouts as well as your fun asides. You DON'T brag about your kids - you clearly love them lots just as you should....takes me back to when my "big kids" were little.
Keep up the good work!

jack james said...

The warm feeling I get when someone is thoughtful enough to say thank you for having been helped far outweighs the empty one
I get when there's no feedback at all

Anonymous said...

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