Monday, July 27, 2009


Nancy and I headed out yesterday to do the 2.4 mile race at Catfish. It was an amazing day, beautiful water, and horrible organization! First we waited in line for a bus that none of the workers knew anything about (when would it come? would it come at all?). When the line got longer and the bus didn't come, we asked if we could simply walk to the reservoir. They had no idea whether we could or in which direction to send us. The first race time approached and no bus. Then a bus came, but couldn't fit everyone on it. Swimmers began to get nervous, but I was impressed with how calm most people stayed. Good thing this was a swim and not a triathlon :).

Once we finally got a bus, the lines at the race were equally long to wait through. But, we saw Scott, so that was fun. After we set up our stuff on the ledge overlooking the 1.2 mile race that was beginning, we found Stephanie and Sue as well. The sun came out, the lines were forgotten, we had small fans and Deanna to cheer us on, and our swim was a blast. Stephanie, Scott and I ended up drafting off one another without planning to, most of the race, and we all crossed the finish line together. Nancy was busy winning the entire freaking race (first woman out of the water) up ahead (I have GOT to learn not to invite faster swimmers than myself to come race with me :).

We waited for the award ceremony, thinking Nancy would get a great prize, and were disappointed in two ways. First, although they had separated the swim divisions by wetsuit and non-wetsuit (none of us wore one...the water had ZERO chill!), they combined the divisions for placing and prizes. UNfair (especially for me since that knocked me off the podium). It also kicked Stephanie out of first place in her age group, which was a bummer (she was first for non-wetsuits). Second, the prizes were LAME. A box of Gu?????? Are you kidding me????? There was a shirt (which they forgot to give Nancy entirely in her prize bag) but it was printed with a company name, no Catfish Swim verbiage or anything. Clearly a company giveaway.

Despite all that - the swim was phenomenally fun and sunny and enjoyable and CLOSE BY, so I suppose it was well worth it. A wonderful Sunday morning all around. Now, my arm is sore from battling at the mass start so I'm home writing instead of swimming. Tomorrow the pool!

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Nancy said...

great swimming Sarah! I just emailed the the USA Productions owner to basically say his company did a shitty job organizing the event--maybe we can get back on the podium and get a shirt with "We kicked ass at Catfish"