Thursday, July 23, 2009

Long Stuff

Uh oh. I've been swimming M, W, F, Sat lately and the only day lately that seems to be oriented toward my love of long sets is Saturday. This is no bueno for my upcoming 2.4 mile swim at Catfish this Sunday. I didn't really think about it until today, when we had a nice long set of sets. Can you say "arms that feel like lead pipes?" I do not feel lithe. Oh well, I'll have to chug through it, and perhaps starting next week I will switch my days to Mon, Tues, Thurs, Sat. Stay tuned, I know you can't wait to hear how that decision goes.


*warmup: 600 straight free. ahhhh.

*800: switch leads at the 100, first 50 fast, second 50 moderate
*600: switch leads at the 200, first 100 fast, second 100 moderate
*400: no lead switch, do second 200 fast

*3 x 300's by 100: first 100 75 fast, second 100 50 fast, third 100 25 fast

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