Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Powered by fritters

I picked the wrong night (last night) to power down 1.5 apple fritters at Chuck's donuts. This morning was a lovely dose of butterfly, which did enable me to work through those fried greasy apples and sugar, but it was also, just, rough!

*warmup: 200 free, 100 one arm fly, 50 dolphin kick
repeat 2x

*21 x 75s:
all those divisible by 3 done as free, dolphin kick, free
all those divisible by 5 done as free, fly, free
all those divisible by 7 done all fly
#21 you have a conflict, and you can choose between 3 and 7 :)

*100 free, 2 x 75's fly
*100 free, 3 x 50's fly
*100 free, 4 x 25's fly

1 comment:

Misa said...

Looks like fun. I stole it and tweaked it a little for Mountain View Masters. My thanks to Tim.