Monday, October 29, 2012

Mental Toughness

Sometimes I show up in the morning and I just need a pummeling. With the Giants World Series Win giving me an excuse to sit around and drink red wine and eat chocolate last night, this was one of those mornings. Okay fine. I always want a pummeling. Seriously? If I'm going to pry myself out of a warm bed and jump in a cold pool in the dark before the rest of the town has even thought of getting up, I had better get a good goddamn workout. That's just me. Last week we had a 2 x 1000 set "for mental toughness". I know, I know, most of you think it's boring to go back and forth forty times and keep count of the laps. But not me. Long back and forth action is just what my mental state calls "perfect". Call me simple and escapist but I don't really want to daydream or think about real life. I want to move strain and count. But 25's easy with breathing and body positioning exercises? For me this is a Hell requiring extreme mental toughness to just And this morning, I couldn't do it. I needed yards. So, I boosted out of the cold water and did repeat 1000's in the warm pool. I'm sorry Rick. You're great but this morning's workout was too far out of the pain zone for me.

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