Monday, November 19, 2012

Thanks Coming

I love Thanksgiving, and not just because it's my birthday. (A lot because it's my birthday, but not all.) I love talking about what we are thankful for (which I try to do all week with the kids), and volunteering for those not as fortunate (coming up later this week), and of course eating all the appropriate foods, and some not so appropriate foods such as multi-tiered and candy-decorated birthday cakes. This, in short, is the time of year that I am thankful for swimming. Because without it, I might very well weigh 300 pounds. *warmup: 400 free, 400 alternating free and drill fly (this is too much fly for a warmup, and right away I'm worried about upcoming sets) *100 drill free, 4x50's free, 100 drill fly, 8x25's fly *100 drill free, 3x50's free, 100 drill fly, 6x25's fly *100 drill free, 2x50's free, 100 drill fly, 4x25's fly (yes, I was right to be worried) *100 breast arms, flutter/fly kick *3x50's free with 4 fly strokes *100 breast arms, flutter/fly kick

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