Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Why I Will Probably Never Move

Really, enough said. This is November, people. The weather is just insanely great. But of course, my reluctance to leaving this area isn't just because of the weather. It is because this is my home - where my family and best friends are - and also where my pool is. Kathleen and I were recently in Tahoe doing a step aerobics class circa 1989 (don't ask) on a 68 degree day of perfection, and talking about how tempting it is to think about picking up and moving to Pittsburgh or Savannah or anywhere really where we could afford to slow down and own an acre of land. Then we got into talking about simply moving to the East Bay, where I grew up, and where a house just like mine here in Menlo Park sells for way under a million bucks and is considered "expensive". "I mean," I said, "we don't need to leave the state, just the Peninsula." "Hell," Kathleen said, "we just need to move a few towns over, really." Then we looked at each other for a moment, and recognized the truth. Kathleen said it first: "I can't move farther than 5 miles from the pool." "Me either," I said. "And just to be clear, we're talking about THE pool, not any pool. I realize there are masters programs around, but that won't do." "Agreed," she said. The other women we were with looked uncomfortable. "Really?" one said. "Really," we said. "It's that important to us - best part of our day." Sorry Mom et all. I love being near you but the truth is I'm never leaving you at least in large part because of my pool. Today's workout Warmup: 400 free, 2 x 100's free with stroke last 25, 2 x 50's fast Main set: 5 x 100's on a tight interval REPEAT 5 times (25 x 100's) Last set: 100 kick, 75 drill, 50 kick, 25 drill repeat 1.5 times

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