Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Design Team

Today we were all part of a big set design and memory game team. Thanks Tim, for giving us more to think about before 6:45AM than many of us normally have to think about all day :).

*warm up: 2 x 300's
#1: fit in two laps one arm and two laps kick
#2: fit in two laps sprint and two laps stroke

*5 x 300's
#1: 5 underwater dolphin kicks off each wall
#2: underwater U-Turns at each wall
#3: broken by 50 for 5 sec, descending
#4: 20 strokes fly, 20 back, 20 breast, swim rest free
#5: fast

*2 x 300's
#1: combine any two strokes (such as free pull with breast kick)
#2: sprint no breath free until you have to stop; sprint free until you have to stop; fly until you have to stop; repeat (stop = complete stop hanging vertical on lane line until you can continue)

*12 x 25's
3 underwater
3 sprint free
3 fly
3 whatever

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