Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Friendship Morning

From time to time, my best and oldest friend Debbie visits from Central CA. Sometimes she comes for the weekend, and sometimes she is just passing through to or from SFO on her way to or from one of her many trips. Always, she comes to stay and swim with me. Often we only see each other on the ride to the pool and for coffee afterwards (she needs to get home to her kids and work, and me to mine), but knowing she is there in the water with me, a few lanes away, suspended in the same pool of people after all these years of our lives together, is, like, spiritual. We met when we were twelve, and now, rounding the corners toward 40, we are still like sisters. Being together feels like being at home, and I am infinitely grateful that we share so much, including swimming. I am also infinitely grateful to Tim and all my teammates for welcoming her every time she comes. Her visits and our swims together are a part of my life I could not do without.

And now, the workout (which was not as good, ahem, as yesterday's fast 5x500's whoohoo, but still sufficed :)

*warm up: 250, 200 (stroke), 150, 100 (kick), 50
*4 x 50's fast free, 200 recovery, 4 x 25's fast choice, 200 recovery
*2 x 50's fast free, 100 recovery, 4 x 25's fast choice, 100 recovery

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