Saturday, February 28, 2009

Naked Fans and Running against Depression

It's always fun to find out you have a blogfan while standing naked in the shower. This morning a fellow swimmer whom I've never met leaned around the stall and asked if I was Sarah-of-Waterblogged, and told me she reads and enjoys this spot.

Hot shower on tired shoulders, primed to grab my Borrone Americano, and finding out I have a fan. Can't get better than that if you ask me. Especially after this workout (I'm posting Thursday's workout as well because it was just SO good).

ALSO, if anyone is up for a last minute run workout for a cause tomorrow (Sunday at 10AM, a very civilized time), DO sign up for the Jenny's Light 5K in Los Gatos. As I've written about before, postpartum depression is a highly worthy cause and all of us who have had any experience with it thank you for coming out!


*warmup: 5 x 200's free
add fins for:
*5 x 250's (odd free to back by 50's; even free to kick by 50's)
remove fins and add paddles for:
*6 x 300's free (even ones fast)


*warmup: 500 free
*7 x 500's free. yup. pure and goooooood.


ann burton said...

See, I TOLD you I read your blog, Sarah. Glad it perked up your day!

-Stealth-reader Ann From Lane 4/5 (probably why we've never met)

sarah said...

U rock Ann :). Thanks for reading!