Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Kids Are All Right

This morning I decided to take my kids and my camera to practice. The kids happily woke up at 5:15 and dressed warmly, ready to see some power swimming (and play on my iPad). Everyone in my lane said "Sarah, how could you do that to them? Aren't they freezing? What a mean mom!" Ha! Kids today are too soft. We spend all weekend and most of our evenings watching their games and practices. They should watch one of ours once in a while, don't you think? (Okay or at least use the iPad while sitting next to our practice at 5:45 am - after all, it's what I do at theirs.) And truly, my kids begged to come. The other week when Noah was out of town they asked to go each morning. Each morning I got up and half heartedly poked them. No response. So I left them alone, thinking it was a bit early to rouse them on a school day. And each morning when they woke up and saw the sun they were furious. "We want to watch you swim!" they said, "you have to try harder to get us up!"

Hookay. So today we got it done. See, don't they look happy/excited? 50% ain't bad, right? Seriously, my kids get major props from me for doing this so I could get a swim in. Despite their bickering and brotherly "love" wrestling matches, these dudes are A-OK. My 7YO even said to me last night as we were snuggling before sleep, "Mom, you don't have to try extra hard tomorrow or anything. I already know you're a good swimmer." It's a good thing he let me know, too. The work out was breaststroke this morning and even if I'd wanted to show off, that would have been impossible. Here are some more pics from the morning:

Awesome cover pullers working hard while I stand back and take a photo.

Jana giving us the warmup. Yes, it's really this dark and cold on the deck at 5:45.

Here's a cool pic of Lanshin's perfect elbow position.

Here's what it looks like after workout.


AM! said...

love this! AND you are right! they gotta come to a few of our practices

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