Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Pool at Noon

It's a record for me: three swims this week at noon. Jana told me yesterday that I was going to start actually liking swimming in the middle of the day, what with the sunshine and warm weather coming. Ha! How can that possibly compare to swimming in the cold dark rain? Okay so it's growing on me. Still I feel almost disloyal, even though I have no choice unless I want to leave my seven year old home alone in the dark, for swimming with a different gang. And then there is the waiting. As soon as the kids are at school I'm asking myself: What time is it? Is it almost time to get my suit? How much can I do before 11:30? What will I eat right before I swim that isn't lunch but gets me through the workout? I'm hungry at noon, dammit. The noon swim is this big old commitment in the middle of the day that must be prepared for. And my coffee from Borrone does not taste the same at 1:30PM as it does at 7AM. Actually nothing tastes right after I swim at noon. I think this is the part that bothers me most. And yet, I love the fact that I can and do swim at noon when necessary. In case no one has said it lately, THANK YOU TIM for having so many workout options and so many great coaches to cover them. I feel so lucky to live near Burgess!

*I even got there early today (couldn't stand the waiting) and did 800 to warm up.
*Actual planned warmup: 600 free, 3 x 100's free
*Somehow I got confused regarding how many 400's we did, but we did a bunch.