Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A local triathlete does GOOD

Becky Lavelle lives down the road in Los Gatos. She was an alternate on the 2008 Beijing Olympics Tri Team, and in 2007 she lost her twin sister and nephew to perinatal mood disorder, and has started an amazing organization called Jenny's Light. I wrote a post about it on SV Moms yesterday, and I wanted to post it here because we have so many swimmers who are new moms or about to give birth. Thank goodness we have the swimming to relieve some of the stress :) but sometimes that simply isn't enough...


*warmup: 6x150's free with last lap fly

*75 dolphin kick (25 back, 25 side, 25 belly)
*75 fly, free, fly
repeat 6 times (total of 12 75's). first two of 6 rounds without fins, last 4 of 6 with fins

*4 x 25's with one swimmer sprinting finless free, other swimmer chasing with fins/fly 4 seconds behind
*100 easy
*50 fly/breast
repeat 4 times switching chaser each time.


Haim said...


Wow! You are one amazing lady. Putting yourself out there like that takes some serious "cojones" and a huge heart. That doesn't come as a surprise to me about you, but it impresses me greatly nonetheless :)

sarah said...

Thanks SO much Haim. Just keepin' it real :).