Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Shaking out sore muscles

On Sunday I ran a half marathon with my two best friends (so of course today was a fin day). I highly recommend the Nike race (and racing with your two best friends).

I was shocked to find myself actually getting teary eyed with sentimentality as we all set off to jog through the most gorgeous course I've ever run. The tears had nothing to do with the joy of running (I suck), and a lot to do with the happy-sad feeling of seeing all the athletes with "In memory of" signs - tributes to kids and other loved ones who had died of cancer (the cure for which the race benefited), with feeling heart-sick for them and joyful for myself...for the luck and happiness I have with my own two healthy kiddos and these two dear friends I've had for twenty-five years. I am so very, very lucky.

today's workout.

*warmup with 2 x 150's and 4 x 75's free
add fins for:
2 x 100's kick, 4 x 50's fast kick

4 x 300's with fins. quick swims, long rest

6 x 50's free with fins on the 40
6 x 50's free with fins on the 35

200 without fins

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