Monday, January 26, 2009


This morning I woke up with sore quads from a Sunday run and felt relieved that I was going swimming, not running. Until I got to the pool and saw that the workout was basically running. Fins, that is. I just...can't...catch my breath EVER when using fins. It's sad really. Shouldn't a soccer player be able to KICK?

*warmup: 600 free (that was good at least :)

*25 dolphin kick, 25 flutter kick, 25 half dolphin kick/fly, 25 half flutter kick/free
repeat 3x

add fins for:

*12 x 100's done as:
3 fly and 3 free (75 kick, 25 swim)
2 fly and 2 free (kick/swim by 25)
1 fly and 1 free (kick/swim by 12.5 yards)

*12 x 50's done as:
fly with four strokes in middle of underwater swim
recovery kick
free sprint
recovery kick
repeat 3x

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