Friday, January 9, 2009


Do you guys ever wonder what Tim is writing down on his clipboard all practice long? He's writing too often to simply be looking back at it to check that he's telling us the right workout. Do you think he's making notes about our stroke? What if we found out he was really just doing his kids' homework for them during workout? That would be just like Tim (he always promotes taking the easy way out and I'm sure he doesn't teach his kids good hard working values at all). Hopefully the sarcasm is evident here.

I think I am fearful of the clipboard. On New Year's Eve I had a dream that Tim sat me down and pulled out his clipboard and said "Sarah, I want to talk to you. I believe that if you just tried as hard in life outside the pool as you do in the pool, you'd really be a lot more successful."

"But Tim," I remember saying (okay pleading) dejectedly in my dream, "I think I'm doing pretty okay out of the pool. I try pretty hard, really."

"Look," he responded, glancing down at his clipboard, "I'm just telling you how to be successful. Just try harder."

So, um, what if he's making notes about our daily efforts on that clipboard and what if, just what if, he's checking notes given to him by his secret agents (our spouses) outside of the pool? If this is true then it explains why he really loaded up on the combo drills and had us do 4 x 50's of one arm fist free with our ankles crossed this morning. (My husband was miffed with me yesterday for my lack of "cleaning prowess" and these notes must have made their way to Tim's clipboard.)

*warm-up: 400 free, 4 x 50's starting with underwater dolphin kick

*6, 8, 10 x 25's versions of fly
*8, 6, 4 x 50's versions of free with fly

*25 sprint fly, 50 crazy combo drill, 100 whatever, 50 crazy combo drill, 25 sprint free
repeat 2x


Anne Marie said...

now that's are you going to ask Tim, or is it more fun to keep it a mystery??

noah said...

If Tim really knew your "lack of cleaning prowess", you'd be doing 8 X 50's of one arm fist free with your ankles crossed (whatever that means) every day.

The guy watching the kids and cleaning the house while his wife swims and who loves his wife :-)

Anne Marie said...

you're a good man charlie brown...I mean Noah Eisner:)