Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mild Praisers?

More parenting videos on JuiceBoxJungle

You tell me. Am I contradicting myself here? Does "Overall I'd say we're mild praisers," followed by "we definitely like to say 'good job' a lot each day" really make a lot of sense? Especially when I later seem to say that I only praise my kids for working hard at something. Hmmm. Let's be honest. They "work hard" at something approximately 0.02% of the time each day. They haven't reached second grade yet; still in "the fun zone" where there's no homework, lots of heavily encouraged playing and napping and 100%-acceptable "special rules" given them by grandparents, aunts, uncles, babysitters and parents on playdates. (Have you noticed those freedom infused days come to a screeching halt right after first grade - otherwise known as the "warm down" year from Kindergarten or the "warm up" year toward the upper levels of scholastic achievement. It's a tweener year, and I'm going to live it up).

Anyhoo, since this little performance I'm definitely checking myself on a daily basis. I actually caught myself praising my four-year-old for great snuggling this evening. Hey, he worked hard to find the perfect nuzzling position and I feel it's an effort worth applauding.


Anne Marie said...

the jbj videos made me realize too that I am guilty of over praising. it's funny!

Barbara said...

Great comment and perspective. We have had a saying in our home for a long time regarding losses and tough times: "This ain't AYSO soccer." Life is competitive and parents should be students of their children and find something their child will win/excel at. Be lovingly honest with the rest if one's opinion is requested.