Monday, May 18, 2009

Pushin' through

So it still hurts to breathe, but I got in this morning and did the warm up. After that, I was cringing under the water, so I got out and went to the warm pool to do some kicking. It was a mild workout at best, but boy did it feel good after a week of nothing. And, in the locker room I was re-inspired by Clara, who told me about a car accident she was in a few months before her Ironman race. She, too, bruised her ribs (that seatbelt plus the air bag at high impact is no picnic) and could not do much for a while. But she took a week off, then did some underwater jogging and kicking, and finally got back to running after a few weeks and made it back in time for her Ironman a few months later.

My friends think I'm nuts not to just say "I'm injured" and sit out for a bit. That alone doesn't make me nuts. It's hearing Clara's story and thinking "Yah, I'm being such a pussy - I need to push through!" that makes me nuts. I'm not, after all, even training for anything.

On another note, while I've had extra time this past week due to not swimming, I gobbled up a new book, and it re-inspired me to put some of my own writing out there which has been sitting for a good long time. Check out both here if you're interested!

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