Friday, May 22, 2009


Tim must be hanging out with the synchronized swimming coach again because today we did kicking with two arms and one leg out of the water. Well, I should say that we tried to do this, not that we succeeded. I was wishing I had a camera with me during this set. Even saw one person stop mid-length and use their hands to manually lift their leg in the air. Didn't work well.

*warmup: 800 with every fourth length non-free

add fins for:

*100 dolphin kick, 200 IM
repeat 3x with 2nd 200 done as free

*4 x 100's fly, back, breast, free
3 underwater kicks each way to make 360 turn: back, side, belly
increase to 4, 5 and 6 by 100

*4 x 100's kick: one arm out, two arms out, two arms and one leg out, then regular flutter


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