Thursday, May 10, 2007

4000 yards for 4000 calories

Well, today was as sweet as Tim promised. I was sure he'd mix up the 10 x 400's and do some sort of fin and pull gear options, along with drills and such. But no. Thankfully he simply said "All 400's today. Have a go." And I did.

For lunch I'll have a go at a large burrito and my beloved original Coke. My favorite meal to follow my favorite workout. A perfect last swim day before my two week beach vacation. Here's the pool I'll be swimming in for the next 14 days. It's pretty, just on the edge of the marsh in the warm South Carolina low country, but I'll be lonely. Honest.


Haim said...

What everyone REALLY wants to know is:

Which suit are you going to pack? ;)

sarah said...

you are too funny Haim. PINK OF COURSE!

Haim said...

EXCELLENT choice! ;)

Tom Anderson said...

Check out the May 18th issue of Palo Alto weekly. Your lane mate Mitchell Johnson is on the cover.

There is a very nice article about him and the work he does with paint and canvas.