Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Little Swimmer (Diapers)

Hallelujah, tomorrow I get to swim.

My little one is sick and my husband has been in Vegas for days and whooohoooo! tonight he returns.

Last night was more like a nightmare for me with both kids waking for hours during the night, and this morning was a fun trip to Target. I took B after dropping W at school, to get diapers and milk. Thus far in the morning he had been fever-free but in the diaper aisle his fever went back up to 103 (or higher - I took it 30 minutes later) and he pissed all over the cart (the Little Swimmer diaper I had him in because we were out of regular diapers didn't hold much). I trashed his shorts in the bathroom and ripped open the new diaper pack immediately, as well as administered an anal fever reducer suppository (at least I thought to bring one in case his fever spiked), all on that disgusting Target changing table. I then hurried home to take a shower in hand sanitizer.

He's sleeping now. Happy Tuesday to me! And happy Wed is coming none too quickly. I'm hoping we get to do one of those 10 x 400 sets by some chance tomorrow...

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