Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Happy First Day of Coach Tim Appreciation Month

It's May 1, and MM Nori has informed me that according to USMS, May (at least May of last year) was Coach Appreciation Month. I say let's celebrate. I would be inspired to bring Tim a big hot cup of coffee to the early morning workout, but I know he doesn't drink coffee. Freak. (See, I'm appreciating him already.) Anyway, I was wondering what we could do to show the ways in which we appreciate him and I thought hey - we could express it here. I also thought hey - maybe someone else who reads this will come up with some other bright idea.

If you're reading this, leave a comment or email me directly at sarah.eisner@gmail.com with at least one thing you appreciate about Tim. (Yes, I know that there are other wonderful coaches that help us out. Judy, Rick, am I missing any? You are also appreciated. I'm just trying to focus. Everyone, give Judy or Rick a hug if you see them!)

What things does Tim do to make YOU keep coming out to swim with the Menlo Masters? At the end (nearly) of the month I'll compile them and write about our collective appreciation of Tim in this blog.

As for me, I definitely come out for the dry sense of humor and sarcasm. I think I might vomit if I had an overly peppy coach at 5:45 AM. Tim somehow brings just the right mix of inspirational shoving and "hey whatever" attitude to the pool in those still-dark hours and I am thankful. He hardly ever starts the workout off with a belly laugh and a smile and I like it that way. Please. If he was that happy to be standing out on the deck before the sun rises with two or more hours of verbal instruction ahead of him I would seriously question his sanity.

Your turn.

Today's workout:
*750 free done as:
5 lengths comfy, 1 length strong
5 lengths comfy, 2 lengths strong
5 lengths comfy, 3 lengths strong
5 lengths comfy, 4 lengths strong

*200 (four of these lengths are of drill: touch opposite butt cheek (thanks to Haim for clarifying that this is your OWN butt cheek you are instructed to touch (darn)), zipper to armpit, underwater recovery, weak side breathing)
*400 (eight lengths are drills above)
*600 (twelve lengths are drills above)

freestyle kicking patterns
*75 (one length one beat kick, one length two beat kick, one length four beat kick)
*150 (two of each)
*225 (three of each)
*300 (four of each)

finish with 4 x 100 on the 1:30 (L2)

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Emmit said...

PATIENCE--That's one of the main aspects of Tim that has impressed me.