Monday, May 28, 2007

So good to be back

That's all I really have to say on this Memorial Day. Just that it is good to be back in the "home pool" even after a glorious vacation of traipsing back and forth to the beach (between strep throat episodes for various family members, but that's okay).

Today's workout:

4 x 100's free
2 x 100 IMs
4 x 50's kick

pyramid of free:
100 on 1:25 base
200 on 1:25 base
300 on 1:25 base
200 on 1:20 base
100 on 1:20 base

descending 50's of free starting at 1:10 and going down to 35 (that's 8 :)

three 200's of free on the 3:00

go start the BBQ!

1 comment:

Haim said...

It's really good to have you back :)

It would be even better if you could slow down a little bit ;)