Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Happy Post-Memorial Day BBQ Swim

My five-year-old and I made this, and pretty much ate all of this, yesterday, so it was good to swim this morning. The workout was great (long free yeehaw) and I felt cleansed after doing it and then scalding myself with the newly calibrated water temperature in the women's showers (hot hot hot!). Still, some of the sugar coma must have lingered because I pulled a real dumb blonde move on my way out.

If you happened to see some fabulous sparkly gold flip flops lying like roadkill on the pavement on Laurel just past the pool, those were mine. I exited the locker room wearing my Crocs and carrying my gold shimmery gems to put on for work after I had rubbed Burt's Bees foot cream into my heels in the car. Unfortunately I put the flip flops on the top of the car while I got settled inside and apparently, left them on the roof of the car as I drove off. Here's where it gets really embarrassing though. The shoes slid down the windshield as I backed out of my parking space (sole side facing me of course - if I had seen my gold straps I would have surely known what was happening) and quickly flew off the side and into the street as I put the car into Drive and returned my attention to the road ahead of me. "Damn," I thought as they flew aside, "those were some big leaves on the windshield."

To be fair to myself, I only saw them for a split second as I turned around from looking over my shoulder to back up the car. But still. Big leaves? By the time I got to Borrone for coffee and had no shoes to put on I realized what had happened. Laughing at myself, I returned to Laurel Street and found my precious peds lying helpless in the road. I rescued them and now my feet are sparkling up the office. Yay.

Here was the workout that briefly turned me into an idiot:

*warmup: 3 x 200 free descending 1-3

freestyle with pull gear:
*300 (on the 4:15) followed by fast 50 (rest 30 sec)
*300 followed by fast 100
*300 followed by fast 200
*300 (rest 5 sec) followed by fast 100 with a goal of 1:12 for L2 (rest 5 sec)
*200 followed by fast 100
*100 followed by fast 100

lose the gear but keep the freestyle:
*250 even
*2 x 50's fast

get in your car and drive off with your shoes on the roof.


Emmit said...

That's funny! I once lost a pair of skis in a similar fashion. I forgot to close the ski rack. When the first ski fell off I thought is was some heavy snow flying off the roof...once the second fell off I realized. Lucky for you to have found your sandals again, I lost my skis to the highway gods.

Guppigirl said...

Recipe for the cake please? It would be a great item to bring to a family 4th of July barbecue.