Thursday, October 25, 2007

Just what I needed

I was feeling ICK before I got into the pool, and feeling lucky too after talking to my special always-online-at-4AM-just-like-me neighbor who was lamenting her inability to leave the kids for a swim this morning. Not me! I was leaving! The caretaker in me almost offered to skip my swim in order to let her go since it sounded like she needed it worse than me. But apparently I'm not that selfless. I have fought these demons and I am now okay with my own selfishness when it comes to early morning swims. But I still feel bad for my friend. Just not bad enough to skip my swim. Okay then.

*warmup: not sure. I was late because I was feeling as if maybe I should rescue my friend
*30 minute straight swim (oh boy, next Wed is going to be painful)
*3x100's changing leader each 100 done as drafting, stroke choice, mixed stroke (such as fly arms with breast kick)
repeat 2x

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