Thursday, October 11, 2007

When your lane leaves you behind

Well. First Emmit trained for the Ironman and left all of us L2ers in the dust for L1B. Then, last week Whitney said "Wow. I haven't been swimming hard for so long. Like a year. I don't know why I stopped. It feels so good."

"Crap", I thought, "I've been swimming hard the whole time and barely keeping up with her". She ducked under the lane line just a day later and is now leading in L1B.

Then today, David, whom I happen to know has missed multiple swims and sat through long meetings that didn't give him any aerobic training lately, slid under the lane line as well, and together they all kicked my butt through the long pulling set.

One of a few things is happening here. Either I'm getting slower (definitely possible), they're getting faster (almost 100% sure this is the case), or some sort of public elementary school-like transition (whereby Kindergarten is the new first grade, first grade is the new second grade, etc. etc.) is happening so that L1B is now the new L2A and L2A is now the new L2B. This is all very disturbing--much like sending your four-year-old to Kindergarten and having him come home with a full three ring binder of homework for the year's duration (to be recorded meticulously on a daily calendar by, whom else, MOM) and being told that he must be reading Dostoevsky to progress to the first grade.

Whew. Okay perhaps I can just slip some folks some cash and bribe them back to my lane. I just...don' well with change.

*warm up: I missed the explanation of the set. I still did it, but I didn't ask what we were doing, so I have no idea what I did. You see? I knew this would happen the day after this post, but I refused to ask what was going on.

add pull gear for:
*1000 straight, done as 200 easy, 200 moderate, 200 best effort, 200 moderate, 200 easy
100 DPS
50 one arm
100 fast

*500 straight, done as above but by 100's
100 DPS
50 one arm
100 fast

*3 x 250's free

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Emmit said...

I miss swimming with you too, but I was feeling too much pressure to lead in your lane (please refer to my comment on your "listening" post). It's much easier for me to save face when I'm expected to be in the back--more time to process what the set is.