Wednesday, October 17, 2007

So many pumpkins, so much pulling

Here's a picture of my little guy at Ardennwood Farm this weekend, stressing over which pumpkin to pick. Little did I know when I took this photo that it would mirror how I felt this morning while trying to get my brain wrapped around the main set's structure. I didn't, until just before I began to lead it. I had a moment of panic (especially since I've written about LISTENING to Tim's sets :) and then it all became clear.

*warmup: 600 straight free with every 6th length backstroke

add pull gear for:
*400 free
*2 x 100's free
*50 back
*300 free
*3 x 100's free
*100 back
*200 free
*4 x 100's free
*150 back

*with or without pull gear: 800 straight with 100 "on" (fast) 100 "off"

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