Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Today I swam at noon (because those dang caterpillars were being sprayed for at 6AM), and though I was initially grumpy about it, I loved it. The sun was out and the circuits were a blast. Thanks Tim for mixing it up this month - I think it's been a year at least since I was at a workout with circuits and deck-work and I WANT MORE (except I can do without the water polo head up swimming with a ball. My nose hurts.)


Blake said...

Article on open water swimming at Beijing Oylmpics:

Karen said...

Hi Swimming Sarah,

Here is a link to the forum posting about Adiri--

Thanks for the swimming blog it is helpful and fun to read too.

-Karen P

Haim said...

Since we are all posting links, for those that don't hang out on Slowtwitch, here is a swimming article that Tim wrote for the site: