Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Good for the Legs

Today. Is. Good for the legs. And...drumroll please...the toenail has finally come off all the way so I was able to wear the fins without pain. Or, without toenail pain. Not without workout pain. "Kicking uphill" is not exactly my idea of fun.

*warmup: 250 free, 3 x 50's done as kick, one arm, fast
repeat 2 times

add fins for:

*5 x 100's followed by a 300: 100's done as 1) one leg kick, 2) legs crossed kick, 3) board out in front of you so you can barely move forward and you are kicking into a wall of water, or "uphill" kick, 4) one leg again with "dead" leg out of water this time, 5) fast kick. 300 quick with only 12 strokes per length.

*3 x 200's with fins. In each 200 do the following twice: touch 4 blue lines in a row underwate and do four butterfly strokes

*fast 100

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