Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Extreme Sport of Sleeping (Wrong)

My mom is (still) always worried I'll exhaust myself swimming or break a leg playing soccer. In the end it's always something typically innocuous that gets me. Saturday night I must have slept wrong because Sunday I couldn't turn my head too well. It hurt, but I still played my soccer game. That can't have helped, but still, really Mom, it was the sleeping that injured me. Monday morning I hit the chiropractor's office and let me tell you...THIS GUY (Dr. Bek) is the bomb. He cracked things I didn't know I owned, and the result was a whole lot more perceived space between my bones. That is good.

I took one day (yesterday) off from swimming and felt great today in the pool...until the breast stroke turn work cropped up. At that point I decided quick neck work wasn't in the cards.

*warm up: 150 free, 50 breast
repeat 3 x

*4 x 50's working on push off wall followed by 4 x 25's (drill then fast)
*3 x 100's quick followed by same 4 x 25's
*2 x 200's quick followed by same 4 x 25's
*150 easy working on flips

*breast stroke turning (or for me, warm pool free to back for 15 minutes :)

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