Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Back from the Beach

So, I've been swimming in a marsh-rimmed pool with concrete lip-sides that dripped with humidity even at 7:30 AM. Generally, I also ran the few miles to the pool, on paths made of asphalt, wound around moss heavy trees and languishing aligators sunning aside lagoons. This picture is one of my toes, propped happily upon a chaise lounge at the only club I'll ever be able to afford joining: my parents' club on Hilton Head Island. I flew there on a whim for a long weekend with NO KIDS, to sit and talk with my mom alone (here's a post I wrote about the upcoming trip last week), and run and swim with the humidity. It was blissful. And I'm not super ashamed to say I didn't want to come back.

But now that I have, Tim and the team and Burgess pool and Borrone afterwards always makes me a little bit glad that I left paradise. Plus, the workout today was damn good.

*warmup: 400 free, 200 kick to free, 100 stroke

*100 free, breast, breast, free
*4 x 25's sprint free
Repeat 3 x with second 25's breast, and 3rd 25's half and half

add fins for:

*100 kick
*50 sprint
*2 x 25's sprint
*50 double arm back
*100 breast with flutter kick riding high on water (MUCH harder than it sounds)
Repeat 3 x

*50 sprint free, 50 breast with flutter kick riding high
*50 sprint free, 2 x 50 breast with flutter kick riding high
*50 sprint free, 3 x 50 breast with flutter kick riding high

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