Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Big Kahuna

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Thanks for coming to check out the latest and greatest on the JuiceBoxJungle widget. While you're here I might as well give you my playpen story as well. But before you read it, or heck even instead of reading it, click up above on the widget and check it out. Trust me, it's cool.

I loved the playpen and used it with my first child, a semi whirling dervish of a human who could not be contained by anything but the playpen or my very tired arms, in our two story ancient apartment with a winding wood and concrete staircase. Let's just say there was nary a padded area in sight and I needed that monstrous plastic beast to keep my little rosy-cheeked beast from harm.

I never used it as a Time Out zone, and the little guy seemed to have fun in it, especially on his first New Year's Eve. Opting for an early "East Coast" ball drop, we invited other six-month-olds (and their parents) over and hung a disco ball over the center of the playpen for a "crawl party". The babies rolled and scooted around in the circular "club" with soft toys and BPA-free containers of milk and water while we adults traversed the stairwell with cocktails without the risk of stepping on or dropping one. My NYE 2003 is forever burned into my mind in silvery disco reflections upon gray plastic rails. I needed a party at that point in my motherhood, and I've got the good old playpen to thank for letting me have it.

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debbie said...

i took mine to the beach a few times & it allowed me to play with my 3 year old without worrying my 8 month old would crawl off to another family with better sand toys. and it was permanently up in my house, for 6 months i'd say, so i could unload dishes, cook, etc... without having to protect my crawler as he curiously investigated the house!