Monday, September 14, 2009

Much Soccer

This weekend was the start of soccer season for everyone in my family. W had his first game of the season on Saturday morning, after swim practice was canceled for the first time ever at Burgess (that I know of) due to lightening. B had his first game ever on Saturday afternoon and is proud to report that he scored 10 goals (not hard when the field is 10 yards long). And finally, N and I had our first game of the season yesterday. Thus, my sore muscles. A swim practice never feels as good as the morning after the season's first soccer game, if you ask me and my legs.

*warmup: 500 free, 200 back

*600 free, 200 back, 600 free all broken to some extent for 5 seconds

*2 x 500's done as 25 kick, 50 back, 75 drill, 100 free swim, repeat

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