Thursday, July 5, 2007

The 5th of July

I saw a number of you at the Menlo Park parade yesterday. It's always so cute: all the kids with decorated bikes and scooters; the music and fanfare; the old blue police cars and shiny red firetrucks; balloons, pinwheels, etc. It's also like taking a slow steamy walk through my own personal Hell. Sure, I look chipper in this photo, but the expressions on my boys' faces more accurately depict how we all felt after the initial "whoohooo America!" feeling wore off (in other words after the first five minutes): "Let's get into some shade and away from all these people ASAP".

Although I was drained after yesterday's heat and evening Mai Tai's, the pool felt wonderful this morning. Here's what we did:

*warm up with 500 free

add paddles (no buoy) for:

*3 x 600's free
first 600 has one fast 50 embedded in it
second 600 has two fast 50's embedded in it
third 600 has three fast 50's embedded in it

remove paddles for:

*400, 300, 200 descending by 1/4ths (first 100 of 400 slow, last 100 of 400 fast, etc.)

*250 easy with odd laps done as three count drill

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