Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Why do I blog? Because of Mike.

Why? Why do I get up at 5AM, swim an hour, come home to get my kids off to camp or to prepare for a day at home with them, work, and then stay up at night to blog my brain out with posts like these in addition to these and these? Why, specifically, do I spend my precious down time writing these posts for the world which may not give a hoot what I have to say?

There are two reasons. One: because I looooooooove to write. Yes I'm a tech geek but in a former life I was a political science and creative writing major. I even wrote a novel (not published, due of course to a giant conspiracy in the publishing world against me and having nothing to do with the quality of my manuscript). The second and more pressing reason is: folks like Mike. Who is Mike? A guy on our team who came up to me this morning after workout, when I was feeling tired not only from swimming IM's but from the week I've spent disciplining my scheming little five-year-old. My mood was not good. Until Mike called out "Hey, aren't you the blog lady?" I spun around and confirmed that I was indeed, the blog lady (although I DO prefer to be called the blog chick or most preferably, the blog queen, or something less...I don't know...ladylike). Anyhoo, Mike made up for the lady title by following with, "I just love your blog it's fantastic I read it all the time."

And that is why I write these things. Because I'm vain, very vain, and there is nothing more delicious than a big fat compliment on my writing early in the morning. Thank you Mike!

The workout:

*warm up doing some number of repeated 150's free followed by 25 back, 25 breast (I was late)

*75 fly back breast kick followed by 25 underwater kick and 1 x 50 fast free
repeat 3 times increasing the number of fast 50's free to 2 and then 3

*100 fast free broken at the 25 for 5 seconds
*250 IM doubling up on weak stroke for a second 50 (and doing 2 count drill)
*100 fast free straight
repeat 3 times

*3 x 100's done as 12.5 yards fly, 12.5 yards back, 12.5 yards breast, and the rest free

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Mike said...

OK Sarah, so you are the BLOG QUEEN! :)