Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Are you sweating yet?

Overheard in the women's locker room after practice: "Whoever put the covers on last night should be shot."

Sure, shooting is a bit harsh. But I know at least a few other folks who swam this morning would vote for some sort of corporal punishment for last night's coverer. Me? I want to give that individual a kiss. I'm always cold. After the 1600 yard set of IM-related crap we did my lane mate was panting. "Whew," David said, "hot in here today?" I looked over and saw Marianne extracting herself from the pool to await further instruction while cooling down, out of the water.

"Nope," I said. "I'm a bit cold." I think I heard David mutter freak as he set off on the 500 IM set we did next. What I didn't hear, was anything from Chris, who had pulled out after 1100 of the previous set to "walk his dog". WTF? Tim informed us that Chris always needs to get home to walk the dog at 6:30 AM. Note to Chris: your dog can wait another 1000 yards or so for a freaking walk, okay? If you want to use an excuse please go with the preferred "I have a meeting."

Anyway, after that 500 was completed David checked in with me again. "Still not sweating?" he asked. Listen, I don't sweat in the pool. I barely keep from shivering. Maybe I need to put on some more layers. I certainly need to put on more suit than what I've been wearing lately. It's indecent and I know that. I, just, can't, quit now that I've felt the almost nude swimming sensation. Shivers and all.

The workout:

*warm up with a 600 free then a 400 free, every fourth length something other than free

*200 IM drill (up one arm, back two count), 100 IM strong, 200 free recovery
*200 IM drill (up one arm, back two count), 200 IM strong, 200 free recovery
*200 IM drill (up one arm, back two count), 100 IM strong, 200 free recovery

*500 IM done as pattern: 4 (fly back breast free) x (25, 50, 50)
25: drill stroke
50: fast stroke
50: recovery free

*100 IM fast (ha!)

1 comment:

Haim said...

OK...I'll admit it...I put those covers on last night ;)

Your suit indecent?! I beg to differ, and I am sure the MM boys would agree with me ;)