Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Catfish got your wedding ring?

The report is that Menlo Masters did well at the Catfish Open Water Swim this weekend. Sue won her age group as usual, Joan Gerber did a fantastic job for her first open water swim, Anne Young killed it coming in third in her age group, and Swart and Texido finished #8 and #10 in the over-the-hill-wanna-be age group. Tim Ross was stellar and left his wedding ring at the bottom of the lake to commemorate the swim...and Kellerman crushed it with a 56.38 and Hewitt was not far behind at 59.37.

Maybe this strong showing over the weekend explains the weak showing at the 10 x 400's this morning. :)

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Guppigirl said...

Personally, I stayed away because I saw what the workout was going to be. Call me a wuss but I'm going tomorrow instead. I need to stop peaking at the calendar.