Thursday, July 26, 2007

That's Fantastic

Today we did "pyramids with sharp peaks". These peaks were done at threshold pace. After we, in Lane 2, had completed 2,000 yards of these peaky things, Tim approached us. Before he could speak, Whitney exclaimed: "We made it! We made our times I'm happy to tell you!"

Tim smiled. It was "Wow you did?!" smile. It was more like a "Oh my! You mean, I gave you some times I knew you could make and you made them? Shall we have a deck party or just get on to the next set?" smile.

"That's fantastic," he said, in the most sarcastic, not-excited-about-our-accomplishment tone thinly veiled by an honest to goodness smile I've heard in a while. Far from being offensive, his dry humor rubs me the right way in the morning. And I know that he knows that we know it's funny to him when we want our due praise. We may whine (at least Whitney and I) when the workout consists of stroke, but we do love to have our ego stroked with the best of them.

today's workout:

*warmup pyramid: 50 swim, 100 drill, 150 kick, drill, swim, 200 fast, then go back down.

*main pyramid:
-50 "prep", 100 fast at threshold pace, 50 kick
-100 "prep", 200 fast at threshold pace, 100 kick/stroke
-150 "prep", 300 fast at threshold pace, 150 kick/stroke/swim
-200 "prep", 400 fast at threshold pace, 200 kick/stroke/swim

*finish: 300 free with a 25 underwater, 50 free sprint, 75 stroke in there somewhere

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