Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Little Jar Full of Air

I'm glad last week is over.

Something just wasn't right. Despite getting out on the pool deck and cheering for the 10 x 400 set; despite loving the burn of that post-pulling extravaganza on another day; I just didn't care about much of anything but strategizing for a nap last week (my strategies never panned out). I barely wanted to go to the pool in the mornings. On Saturday morning I actually wanted Rick to explain each set slowly and methodically--was glad when we finished one set and he was still busy instructing someone in lane six for another five minutes. (We love you Rick).

You know the kind of weeks I'm talking about. You go along in your life, an energetic spark plug of a an athlete/social butterfly/entrepreneur/mommy/daddy/doctor/superperson/whatever, and then one day the helium is sucked out of the heart-shaped balloon in your chest and into some little jar in the corner of the garage. Who does this sucking and why I don't know, but there it is.

But today, hooray, I'm full of hot air once again. Wheeeeeeeeeee!

warm up:
*200 moderate followed by 2 x 100 strong
repeat twice

add paddles for:
*400 (1:20 base) followed by 2 x 200 (1:25 base)
*300 (1:20 base) followed by 3 x 150 (1:25 base)
*200 (1:20 base) followed by 4 x 100 (1:25 base)

remove paddles for:
*600 done as:
25 free, 25 stroke, 25 fast free
50 free, 25 stroke, 25 fast free
75 free, 25 stroke, 25 fast free
100 free, 25 stroke, 25 fast free
125 free, 25 stroke

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