Thursday, August 9, 2007

Big Story

This morning, at 8AM, I was interviewed by USA TODAY about my recent significant accomplishments in swimming. Okay, the interview was about my company's new baby bottle, but I still felt like a superstar. Now if Oprah would just call (dammit).

Of course I had to begin this big interview day with an energizing swim, and energizing it was. It also involved "restful swimming" in-between sprints. Sprints, I'm not fond of. But restful swimming was nice, especially since I'm hopping on a red eye tonight with my two boys (without husband) to fly to the East Coast. Not much opportunity for rest there.

*warm up with 300 free then 6 x 75's swim, kick, limited breathing by 25's
*3 x 200's free descending

*sprint 100 free followed by restful swimming back and drill free (for about 4 minutes)
*sprint 50 free followed by restful swimming breast and drill free (for about 2 minutes)
repeat sprints and restful swimming 4 times

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