Sunday, August 5, 2007

If you missed the swim picnic...

Well. You missed this: men women and children pathetically licking and grasping for donuts tied onto a string. Check out Al. The desire shows. And there's my little guy next to him, who couldn't get a tooth on the powdered culprit for the life of him. Thank goodness for John, who enabled the ultimate reward at the end of all that neck-lunging. I have no idea who won the actual contest but it certainly was not my son.

On to the water balloon toss during which I could not take photos because I was participating. Out in the third round, we watched until a two-way tie resulted and we moved on to the next sweet event: a whipped cream eating contest. There's Tim with his devilish little smile, loading all the kids (and his wife and Murray) up with more floamy white sugar than he has eaten in probably the last twelve months.

And here, ladies and gentlemen, was the real showdown of the day: swimmers of the year Lisa and Murray facing off to face plant and suck down a swirl of whipped cream.

As you can see, nerves were high. I think I saw Lisa winking Tim on to fill Murray's plate higher than the rest. I have no idea who won this or any of the events, but they sure were fun. Thank you Lisa and Murray for another great summer picnic with GREAT food and enough sugar to keep my kid high as a kite right on through until bed time.


Nori said...

Cute pictures. I arrived when most people had already left, so thanks for filling me in!

- Virginia

Haim said...

I can't believe I missed something that involved eating donuts :(

The new "do" looks fab BTW ;)