Sunday, August 12, 2007

In Hot Water

Okay, I know I like the water warm, but yesterday I swam in a 95 degree pool. Here in South Carolina the heat index is 120 degrees and the air is juicy with humidity. I jumped into the pool I always swim in here, expecting it to be it's normal May temperature of 80 degrees. It was not. While grandpa hit balls across the parking lot with my two boys who seem immune to heat I struggled through a 400 "warmup" and prayed they'd rescue me by walking into the pool area and demanding my attention. It was not to be. Those kiddos lasted long enough at the driving range for me to finish 3,000 yards. I did, finally, sweat in the pool.

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Haim said...

Better get back here quickly...Tim put women's swimsuits on sale! ;)