Wednesday, August 15, 2007

You can do it

I know that today or tomorrow is threshold 300 and 400's and I just want to say that this morning I did NINE 400's in 95 degree water. Yes. Marianne would be proud of me. As much as I wanted to do the tenth 400 I just couldn't do it. That little voice that had been saying "What? You're going to melt? Get going." throughout the first nine sparked up and answered "Yes. You will melt. Get out of the pool." So I did.

I don't miss much about home when I'm here in vacation land. But I do miss the 80 degree pool. I can't wait to get back to it! My kids, however, don't much care about what I miss and they would like to stay. It doesn't get much better than a daily routine of beach, pool, beach, golf, pool, park, ice cream. And I'm not complaining (except of course, about the water temp).

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