Thursday, August 7, 2008

Check out the pics!

I've finally set myself up on Flickr, and I'm adding swim pics as quickly as I can. Scroll down and check it out. Gary, I'm sorry, I just couldn't NOT add at least one headshot of you from your modeling days.

Okay so I originally published this post at around 8 this morning. Since then, I got a great email from Wallace, so I'm republishing to include it. This is why I love my lane.


Richard Petty: "I need to pit. I have been pulling Wallace around this track since this race started and ain't got no gas left. Let him lead the rest of this. I need new front tires, two turns of wedge on the right side and a fuel topper."

Crew Chief: "The King's gonna pit. Rusty, bring it home."

Rusty Wallace: "I need to pit. I have been chasing Petty around this track since the race started and ain't got no gas left. Rear tires are way loose, and I need a fuel topper."

Crew Chief: "Drivers..."

A NASCAR interpretation of this morning's wall conversation.

Thanks for leading those 500's. My shoulders need two bags of ice, four Advil...


Today's workout:

*warm up with 3 x 200's: free, free to stroke, up tempo

*4 x 500's (!!!) done as:
2 x 250's on the 3:45
5 x 100's on the 1:30
strong 500

*25 kick, 50 IM, 75 drill, 100 strong free
repeat 3 times

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