Saturday, March 14, 2009


I actually sweat (sweated? sweater? this all sounds wrong) this morning in a pool. The heater is still broken in OUR pool but Tim was nice enough to open up the bubble for us as we are about to expire due to swimlessness. It was hot. And not in a good way. But better than being cold! Speaking of hot, check out my latest on SV Moms Blog if for no other reason than to see this amazing photo of me I can't believe I published.

*warmup: just get in

*50 swim, 50 kick
repeat 4x

*build from 25 to 200 kick/swim by 25

*build from 25 to 100 sprint/kick by 12.5
repeat 3x

*break down from 100 to 25 kick with last length sprint

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