Tuesday, March 31, 2009


So, as my best friend was completing the Lavaman in Hawaii this weekend, I was in bed with a fever. Fun times! I'm fine now, but it sure makes a pull set more difficult. Alas, I'm back in the water, and my kids posed unprompted for a photo on the way to school. All good.

*warmup: 200 free, 50 fast free, 50 stroke
repeat 3x

add pull gear for:
*2 x 150's moderate, 100 fast, 50 easy
*2 x 150's moderate, 2 x 100 fast, 50 easy
*2 x 150's moderate, 3 x 100 fast, 50 easy

*100, 1 x 50 fast
*100, 2 x 50 fast
*100, 3 x 50 fast

1 comment:

Anne Marie said...

Hi! Lavaman has convinced me to take on swimming and feel better in the pool! I sooo wish I could be a part of Menlo Masters! Going for my last ocean swim now before the plane:)