Monday, March 16, 2009


The performance pool is 68 degrees: TOO COLD.
The bubble pool is 85 degrees: TOO HOT.
Where is my JUST RIGHT pool?
(Don't worry Tim, I'm being patient and swimming in the lesser of two evils, the TOO HOT pool of course). I'm shocked I don't see anyone else in the hot pool. Where are you? Should I be alerted the MP Police that there are a bunch of REALLY grumpy swimmers who have not been in the water in 7 days roaming the streets? Get in here - it's not so bad.

*600 every 4th length back
*500 IM/free by 100's
*400 strong/easy by 50's
*300 every 4th length back
*200 IM/free by 100's
*100 strong

*4 x 100's: IM/free

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