Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Rest at the wall. Just kidding.

Oddly, just an hour later, all I can remember is the main set. Here goes:

100 IM, 2x75's free, 3x50's IM transitions, 4x25's anything you want, 3x50's IM transition, 2x75's free, 100 IM

After each swim, vertical kick with hands in the air until last person arrives. Then continue vertical kicking as a "family of kickers" (nice term, Tim) for an extra 10 seconds before shoving off.


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JoanG said...

I think warm up was a 400 free, 200 kick choice and 100 IM. Then we did 4x100 IM where each time we kicked a different lap (first the fly length, then back, etc), followed by 4x100 free where we kicked each length to the 3rd blue line, preferably underwater. I think that was it before the pryamid. At the end we did that 3-5 seconds of kicking then swimming for a few laps. Then we did a 100 kick with the board for best time. Whew! I was ready for coffee and a shower after that!