Monday, March 9, 2009

Welcome soccer season, goodbye legs...and pool heater?

I knew that coming to practice the day after the first soccer game of the season was risky (Mondays usually involve kicking, and my legs feel like I've been treading water for hours), but I didn't count on kicking sets plus a broken pool heater. Bzzzzzurrrrr.

At least I have this dude to channel whenever I feel like the going is rough.

*(un)warmup: 700 free

*100 with a few strokes of fly, 75 free, one arm fly, free, 50 fast free, 25 fly
repeat 2x

*leap out of the pool, freezing, and jump in the bubbled pool for kids set at 85 degress. after sweating a bit, do:

500 free
5 x 100's alternating free/IM
500 free

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Haim said...

That is a GREAT story!