Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I've done it.

I've threatened to buy a Killer Quad suit for a while now and, well, I ordered one yesterday. I am a complete tool, I know, but these silly suits make me laugh and actually look forward to getting up early and doing crazy amounts of yards during the Killer Quad. Here, for your viewing pleasure, is a preview of the suit. I expect double extra credit for getting super into the spirit of the Quad.

And today's workout was...

*warmup: 300 free, 50 other, 200 free, 50 other, 100 free, 50 other

*kick sets - so painful for me I can't remember, but tomorrow is long free, so we're good.

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Roger von Oech said...

Why do they say "2010" when the swims (most of 'em, anyway) take place in 2009?

I did the Killer Quad in 2000 (the 100 x 100s were long course at Sacred Heart), and I was confused why my award said 2001.